Arts and Culture at GHS

Pietermaritzburg Girls’ High School prides itself on its commitment to the arts: Drama, Visual Arts and Music are offered as subject choices to take through to Grade 12.

The study of Drama can help develop many qualities and life-skills: enthusiasm, confidence, self-esteem, conversational competence and social skills. Furthermore, drama lessons stimulate learners to be motivated and involved.

Visual Arts is an enormously rewarding and enjoyable subject which develops learners’ ability to manage their time and to manage processes from the start through to the final product.

To do Music in Grade 10, learners should have demonstrated consistent work and progress in Grades 8 and 9, in both the theoretical and practical components of Music. Learners have to practise their instruments daily.

Trained educators have been appointed in each of the subjects with specialist musicians in the Music Department.

While these subjects are offered in the school curriculum, aspects of them can be pursued on a more social level: learners can join the Drama, Dance or Art Societies, and the musical learners can be members of the School Choir, Chamber Choir, Gospel Choir or the Wind Band.

Societies and Clubs

We cater for an extensive range of interests with over 20 societies.

We encourage girls to be a part of at least one society in order that they develop their interests outside the classroom and beyond the sports field.


The Art Society explores creative expressions on two and three dimensional surfaces. Our activities include painting, sculptures, weaving and drawing.


The choirs give girls an opportunity to come together with others who share their love of singing. They learn how to work in a group, as well as self-discipline and how to work towards a long-term goal. They also learn about other cultures, all through sharing the joy of singing with others.


Dance incorporates seven genres; African Zumba, Latin and Ballroom, Contemporary, Modern-Indian Dance, Hip-hop, Kwaito and Irish. Girls from different genres work on routines and performances for the school’s annual Dance Show. This is a very exciting society where a lot of creativity and talent is revealed.


Debating helps equip learners with the life-skills of critical thinking, effective communication, independent research and teamwork. Learners have the opportunity to participate in debates in the PMB League.


Drama is an exciting, emotional act through words and body language in a theatre presentation.


Learners are guided in the process of drawing up business plans, marketing their products, evaluating selling prices and paying business expenses. This society enables you to be your own boss and to make your own money. The best part is that you keep all the profits! How cool is that? Girls are equipped with various skills to enable them to become successful young businesswomen.


We educate the girls about the environment. We make them aware of the impact that they have on the environment and encourage them to formulate ideas on how they can care better for our environment.


The girls are given an opportunity to train as level one first aiders by Rescue Care. They serve the GHS sports’ department, providing care at events.


Our aim is to help grow the learners in their Christian walk, to bring them into a closer relationship with God and to be servants of Christ in the school and the wider community.


We teach and promote sustainability to our girls through growing their own vegetables in the school food garden. The aim of the project is either to sell the vegetables and donate the proceeds or to donate to charity, the vegetables to less fortunate schools that run feeding schemes.


The Green Elly is the school newspaper. Learners are encouraged to contribute articles or pictures throughout the year. It is a publication by the girls, for the girls.


The gospel choir is a sisterhood of girls with the intent of praising God through song, and encouraging one another spiritually through singing.


HSS has become an integral part of the cultural programme at GHS. The aim is to fulfill seva – which is the obligation to assist those in need. Religious festivals, prayers and other observances are also followed.


The aim of the society is to be a blessing to our local community and to give our girls an opportunity to give of themselves for the benefit of others. We aim to instill, in the heart of each girl, a desire to be a blessing and to help make this world a better place by giving what they can to help others around us.


The society is involved in creating a stronger passion in the school for Maths and Science. The learners take part in quizzes, games, competitions and experiments to increase the love for Maths and Science. The essence of maths and science is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple in a fun way.


We regularly come together for prayer meetings. We follow a special Ramadan programme, and organise various fundraising projects and outreach programmes during the year.


This society provides girls with the opportunity to practise photography skills and receive constructive advice. Most importantly, they get to spend time behind the camera and have fun.


This is a society where the genre of poetry is explored inside and out. Girls learn about freedom of expression and respecting the dignity of every living being.


The main purpose of our society is to help our environment and to make a difference. It is very encouraging to see the girls’ efforts to make a difference by recycling and by encouraging their friends and family to recycle.


The robotics society aims to explore how to build and programme robots.


The President’s Award Programme is recognised all over the world and consists of four sections: serving the community, an adventurous journey, developing new skills and participating in physical activity/sport. It can be achieved at Bronze, Silver and Gold levels and the focus is on individual challenge as participants choose what activities they want to do.


This is the behind-the-scenes team. The theatre crew is in charge of the lighting and stage setup for all productions.


The band draws members mainly from learners who take music as a subject. Most of these girls receive tuition for the first time when they come to GHS in Grade 8. Members of the band get full recognition for their efforts and dedication to the band.

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