Providing an excellent and unique education for young women in South Africa

 GHS A New Day

is the project which seeks to support all stakeholders to rekindle the pride in, and passion for, Pietermaritzburg Girls' High School. The first phase of the project is focused on creating the most efficient and effective processes and structures to boost our academic, sport and cultural status; and to manage the public’s perception of GHS as a leading girls’ high school, offering an education as good as any other in South Africa.



The New Day project underpins our short and medium term strategic plan. Based on our vision statement, a new understanding of our mission, and after a period of feedback and reflection, we have identified the following four areas as strategic imperatives:

1. organisational development

2. boosting our academic, cultural and sporting excellence

3. re-kindling the flame of passion and loyalty amongst staff, learners, their parents and our alumni

4. improving the public perception of GHS through the media and other marketing initiatives.


Much has already been done to put these plans into place. Administrative and management support has been enhanced, improvements to the grounds and buildings are already noticeable, staff development programmes are in full flow, and we have a much improved media profile.


There is a strong sense of a New Day, of a community re-inspired, of pride and passion and a desire for excellence. The school is ready, now as never before, to take on the challenges of providing an excellent, relevant and unique education for young women in South Africa.